Ally & Jake: Golden Hour Wedding at BWB Ranch

When a professional florist gets married, you know it's going to be good. Ally (of midwest floral design favorite, Poppy Lane) and Jake wed on a perfect fall day in Minnesota against a backdrop of the most magical golden leaves. Just as the interior space of your ceremony venue can serve to set the tone and bring beauty to any wedding day, an outdoor setting can do the same; especially when you've got towering trees and autumn colors! While the venue decor was spot-on with dripping sparkle lights, rustic signage and one of the lovliest seating charts I've ever seen, my favorite detail is - you guessed it - those flowers. The bride's bouquet is a work of art with rich colors and so much attention to detail. If you're planning a fall wedding, this one is a must see!

Coordination, Styling, and Calligraphy
Bride's dress
Groom's attire
Bridesmaid dresses
Floral design
Hand-dyed ribbons
Bride's jewelry